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A wide representation of Canada's exceptional children's program providers use HIGH FIVE®. From after-school programs to organizations that span the country, hundreds of organizations, community groups, and programs have chosen to implement the HIGH FIVE standard to ensure they're offering 'The Best Way to Play'.

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Organizations that directly deliver programs to children aged 6 to 12 can register with the HIGH FIVE standard. This means that the organization is declaring its committment to ensuring every child in its programs has a positive experience.

Please review our Ideal HIGH FIVE Registered Organization Profile to see if this designation is right for you.


These organizations represent the highest standard of excellence. An Accredited organization serves as the benchmark for excellence in children's programming, focused on healthy child development and offering the highest recognized levels of quality and safety. After registration, organizations can then begin the process of accreditation. 


These provincial or national organizations make a committment to healthy child development and endorse and promote the HIGH FIVE standard to its network, membership, and/or clubs.

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Academic Institutions

These secondary and post-secondary institutions offer HIGH FIVE training as part of their curriculum, and/or enable students to receive Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) or QUEST 2 certification.

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Affiliate Providers

Sharing similar philosophies and values as the HIGH FIVE standard, these organizations have participated in the HIGH FIVE equivalency process, enabling them to integrate the PHCD training into their own training and allowing participants to come out dually certified. 

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