National Child Day

National Child Day has been celebrated across Canada since 1993, commemorating the United Nations’ adoption of two documents centred on children’s rights. Join us to celebrate and honour the flagship event in Ottawa. Stay tuned for more information as we get the ball rolling on another year committed to kids! Download the HIGH FIVE National Child Day backgrounder for more information.

HIGH FIVE has released a new study in celebration of National Child Day and 15 years of positive experiences for kids! Download the HIGH FIVE Impact Summary Report here


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Celebrate kids in your community on Nov 20th! #HIGHFIVEncd

Giving kids access to positive experiences and role models keep them happy and healthy for life! #HIGHFIVEncd

Building resilient kids in Canada starts with providing the #bestway2play in children's programs! #HIGHFIVEncd

9/10 Canadians have better quality of life from recreation. Programs that put kids first changes lives. #HIGHFIVEncd

On Nov 20th, we're celebrating a commitment to kids across Canada. Be a part of it. #HIGHFIVEncd